Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Get Destroyed - "Shut In" Review

     Holy.Fuck. This 7" tore me a new one. For real, I am really, really digging this. You all need to get this, ASAP! But let's rewind a little bit. Get Destroyed are a 4-piece powerviolence band from Tempe, AZ. They put out two 7 inches previously, both of which were well received in the underground. I was introduced to them by their 2nd 7", "Burnt Offerings". I liked it, but it wasn't really blowing my mind. But holy fuck have they delivered the goods this time on their new EP "Shut In", a shared release from To Live a Lie, Give Praise, RSR and 625 Thrashcore. 8 tracks of loud, heavy, pissed off, hard as a rock powerviolence!
     Taking a lot of influence from the fastcore genre too; stop-start song structures, constantly changing tempos, and heavy, heavy slow riffs. These tracks go fast and go hard, and if you blink, you might miss them! The guest vocals by Grace Perry, vocalist of the death metal band (and fellow Arizona natives) Landmine Marathon are an awesome addition as well. Sadly, this is a post-mordum release for Get Destroyed. They broke up last year I believe(Ed. They are apparently still together and are working on a full-length. GET STOKED!), but at least they went out on a high note. You can pick up the 7" here. and listen to some tracks here and here. Play it loud! Highly Recommended!



  1. Thanks for the rad review!!! We are actually working on a full length now. We all live in different states but still play a couple of shows a year. We'll be playing shows this winter in LA, SD and PHX. Thanks again!!!


  2. AWESOME!! So stoked to hear the full length! Thanks for telling us!

    - VII

  3. Can't fuckin' wait.

    - Pat Troubleonyoursystem

  4. This review is bang on. Get Destroyed are great on this 7". I too heard Burnt Offerings first and snatched up a copy of Shut In immediately. So glad I did :)

  5. Heard some of the cuts off this beautiful 7". A-fucking-mazing.