Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Internal Rot Tracks!

I can remember very vividly recently thinking to myself, "whatever happened to Internal Rot?". An often times overlooked band when talking about Australian grind/violence, they only released one solitary 7" EP on 625 Thrashcore, and then seemed to just drop out of sight. That record showcased some of the best, no bullshit, Insect Warfare-inspired grindcore the country had to offer. Sharing a member of Agents Of Abhorrence sure sweetens the deal too. Well as luck would have it, a random peruse through bandcamp has enlightened me with brand new Internal Rot tracks, slated for release sometime in early 2014. Two new studio tracks, and a live Excruciating Terror cover. The new tracks rip, no surprise there. Insect Warefare and Wormrot fans should be gushing over these new tracks, I know I am. Can't wait to see a physical release for these, and hear what else the dude's have been cooking up. Check out the new tracks below.


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