Thursday, December 12, 2013

Faction Disaster/Dead Church - Split Review

A grisly split has risen from the epic grindblocks of the midwest. A double helping of two the the areas gruffest and burliest newcomers, both coming out Michigan actually. The midwest rust seems to be
relentless in it's output of good music, and here you'll get to see one of my favorites in top form. The mighty Faction Disaster, making their 7" debut, bring 3 tracks of brutal mincecore, the kind that should definitely appeal to people who like their pizza's with a hi-five (ha). By far their best recorded stuff so far, the guys make quite a soupy noise with a heaping helping of beefy, crushing, concrete smashing riffs. It's the kind of grind that I just love to hear, and bands like Faction Disaster know how to do it well. Brutal grind with a bunch of fun grooves and circle pit inducing blasts. On the flip we have Dead Church, a newish band that from day one has showcased nothing but quality grindage. I've been incredibly impressed by how much this band has been able to do in such a short time. As with their previous efforts, everything here is well recorded, raw, intense, and hardcore. Razor sharp grindcore with a bit of a Swede-grind influence, and a more "tough metallic hardcore" sounding vocalist, which gives them a bit of a different sound I suppose. I always picture a low-to-high screams vocalist for this kind of grind. Four tracks of excellent modern grindcore that showcase only the beginning of what this band has in store. Quality split, and all done DIY, released on DC's guitarists label, Mannequin Rein Recordings.

Rating: 8.5/10


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