Sunday, December 15, 2013

Some Recent Noteworthy Splits

2013 is very quickly wrapping up, and yours truly is scrambling trying to get together an end of the year list. Truly, this is not an easy feat. 2013 has been a gargantuanly good year for grindy violent music, and more so then any year prior, choosing one release over the other is a hard task (though I do have a pretty firm idea what my #1 record is). To start wrapping things up, here's a couple brief reviews of some recent splits that I feel are worth checking out. If you're still working on your own year end lists, here's a couple more you might want to consider.

Suffering Mind/Six Brew Bantha - Split 7"
(all photo's by VII)

Suffering Mind are no stranger to praise on this blog. The Polish grind Gods are seemingly in a perpetual state of constant writing and recording, and have proven record after record that they are not a force to be ignored. Halo Of Flies brings us their pairing with Six Brew Bantha, one of Canada's best. Suffering Mind's side is a constant shredder of solid grindcore perfection, throwing in some serious headbanger grooves, and ends with a fucking Zardoz sample (personal highlight). SBB just get better and better every record. Each song on here is like a mini-grind epic, throwing out riff after riff like they're ninja stars at every chet who can't handle the blast. And they still have the best snare tone in grind. 100 were pressed on white and red (I'm a fanboy and own both), with a remaining 500 on black. 

Archagathus/No Thought - Split 7"

I think Archagathus had almost 20 records released this year, at least. It's getting quite difficult to keep up with this band, who are quickly becoming a personal favorite. Everytime I get one of their illusive, over-the-border records, I hear of about 5 more that are coming out. Can't stop the mince. Here's a beauty of a 7" split they did with No Thought from Denver, CO. Released by Uranium Overdose Records. Two re-recordings of some more obscure Arch songs. Great stuff, their recordings are always a ton of fun. No Thought play a disgusting, brutal, deathy grind style that I fell in love with instantly. Anyone who's into bands like Goner, Nak'ay, Insect Warfare and Pizza Hi Five are in for a treat. Beautiful looking vinyl too. Hand-numbered out of 525 copies.

Archagathus/Nak'ay - Split 10"

I could not wait to get my mitts on this guarenteed-to-be-awesome split when I first heard about it. It's announcement caught me completely by surprise, and I scoured the internets looking for anyone who had a copy, until the always excellent Diseased Audio ended my quest and supplied with this crucial fix of raw grindage. This being Archagathus's first 10" split, I was even more excited. Nak'ay are a band that are just too good at what they do. They play brutal grind, and they do it exceptionally well. The blasting just does not stop! Definitely a band I can't wait to hear more from. Archagathus dish out some raw, metallic mince, and I believe most of these are new songs (as a brief look on Discogs tells me). Fortunatley this record is more widely available now, and you can pick it up from Haunted Hotel Records, Grindfather Productions, Witch Bukkake Records, and many more.

Suffering Mind/Water Torture - Split 7" Flexi

The next split was released by Mannequin Rein Recordings, and highlights two of the undergrounds best. On here we got the previously mentioned Suffering Mind, and Buffalo's heaviest, Water Torture. Originally this was going to be a 5", but ya know, those cost 12 arms and 32 legs to make, so we have a killer 1-sided flexi! This is my personal white copy.  One song from each band, as is the usual formula with the planned SM's 5" splits. One 2+ minute slow dirge-ala-Noothgrush from WT, which has some of the most wretched vocals the band has recorded yet. Suffering Mind give us an almost 2 minute super blaster that has some excellent stops-starts and some crushing chugged chords. A pretty good introduction to each band I'd say.

Suffering Mind/Dead Church - Split 5"
More Suffering Mind, this time with an actual 5" record split with Dead Church, released by 7Degrees Records. One song from each band, and woah man do both pack a punch. Dead Church are on full berzerker mode on this track, going from 0 to 150 right from the start. It's a loud, fast, and incredibly solid punch to the nose. My favorite from the band so far. Suffering Mind's song is great, don't think I should have to tell you at this point. The whole split is less than 2 minutes, but it's a great listen the whole way through. And every copy comes on beautiful blue wax, and has gatefold digi-pack packaging. Quality stuff.

Ultra//Negative / Ira Graves - Split 7"

Lastly is a devastating split from two bands that are definitely due for some attention. Ultra//Negative, a band that I've had interest in for a couple years, but rarely find updates from, were kind enough to supply me with this record, many thanks guys! U//N are a bassy, sludgy, kinda spazzy powerviolence band. Like if Charles Bronson smoked a lot of weed, found sludge music, and de-tuned their instruments 2-whole steps. Ira Graves are a band I hadn't checked out previously, but I'm a definite fan now! Powerviolence with a bit more standard Infest/Crossed Out influence, with a little Vaccine thrown in their and some death growls thrown in mixed with throat ripping screams. Buy it!



  1. archagathus seem to be taking that agathocles worship thing pretty seriously. they're trying to set a new record for splits.

  2. For those who don't know. Ultra//Negative is the band Tom joined after Robocop. Highly recommended.