Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Column Of Heaven - "Failures" Cassette

No strangers to breaking the barriers of powerviolence, grind, and heavy music in general, you wouldn't really be blamed for thinking Column Of Heaven were trying to distance themselves as far away from their grindcore labels as possible. I'd say twas not the case, given the key members staggering creative ambitions and opinions (read their blog and learn some stuff). Along with their most recent release, the "Holy Things For The Holy" 7" on Iron Lung Records, which is a two-part sludgy noise-scape, the first born brother release was this cassette, entitled "Failures". Something I haven't seen talked about very much so I'd figure I'd break the ice.

These are my own photo's of my own copy. Its a very nice looking tape, made by the band themselves. As far as I know, this won't be coming out on any other format, and I'm sure there were less at least 100 made. This tape, from what I recall,  is a collection of various bits and pieces of recordings done between a period of a couple years. Strung together into a collage, or little vignette's of sound. There's moments of conventional musicianship, occasionally, but most of "Failures" consists of found sounds, field recordings, industrial clangs, and straight abstract noise. Powerviolence gone music concrete. It's an interesting release, more of a document then anything else, and it kept me captivated. 

Check discogs and eBay for people selling this for 25+ dollars. I guess they have a split with Suffering Luna, Gas Chamber and another 12" in the works. Big stuff!


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