Friday, October 4, 2013

New Six Brew Bantha Track

Canada Canada Canada Canada. Always dishing out the goods (I was listening to Shooting Spree before posting this, check them please, one of Canada's best). Six Brew Bantha are one of the many bands to join the "Done A Split With Suffering Mind" club, and their already fantastic 7" is just on the brink of release on Halo Of Flies Records. Digging the ├╝ber metal cover art, heavily. Suffering Mind's side was put up a couple months ago, and it rips, as you should expect (check it here), and a little while ago Six Brew Bantha put up a track from theirs. Definitely the cleanest and most metallically sharp the band has sounded, cutthroat recording. And still blasting as fast as ever, seemingly playing 6 songs all in one. Check the new track, "Excesscrement" (try saying that 5 times fast) below, and lurk around Halo Of Flies Records for any sign of a release date.


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