Friday, October 4, 2013

xBrainiax Call It Quits, Officially. Endless Bummer.

Well shit. Shit shit shit. I'm sitting here on my bed, listening to the sadly now defunct lords of fastcore, xBrainiax, and the sad reality just stings even more. After a long period of stagnant inactivity in the wake of losing their guitarist who I believe went to join Lotus Fucker (blech), the band has officially called it quits. Really pretty bummed to see this band go. They were the first fastcore band I really fell in love with. I'd credit them with getting me in to genre actually, and it's an interest that hasn't diminished since. I always held some optimism that these guys would get back in gear and crank out a bazillion more retardedly spazzed out jams. Their two more well known "upcomings" were some of my most anticipated; a split LP with Sidetracked and a split 4-fucking-inch with Hummingbird of Death. Oooooo, it stings that these will never get put out!!!! Their speed and technical songwriting might have come off as gimmicky to some people at times, but I was always blown away by this bands abilities. I still have trouble with keeping up with some of their records to this day! Well, they definitely left an impact, and I hope the members go on to make more projects! Jam on this, one of my favorite XBX records, their first 7", "Disgrace to The Corpse Of Eric Wood". RIP.


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