Sunday, June 23, 2013

Vinyl Record Of The Week: Disciples Of Christ/Triac - Split 12"

I Can't think of a better record to highlight in the 2nd installment of this series then what may be my favorite record of the year. I've talked about this record endlessly in person, online, on this site, etc. And if you still haven't gotten a clue and listened to this beast already, you may need to just go back to the Jurassic period where you belong. Here is the absolutely fantastic vinyl version, released by RSR earlier this year.
(All pictures by VII)

We all know the music on here is as filthy as it is amazing, and boy is it amazing. This is one of those records where you can tell the physical copy definitely sounds better. Every bit of aggression in the music is increased by the boost of bass and punchiness from the press.

Great artwork from both bands, and the best looking record I've seen from RSR yet. A nice matte sleeve, a double sided insert, and a righteous Psychic TV homage aesthetic. 

I managed to get the clear vinyl version, of which there is only 100 pressed. Yay me, right? At the time when I bought it, this thing was dreadfully hard to find in the states. But now it's become a bit more common, and can be found at fine distro's like To Live A Lie and Diseased Audio. Buy or Cry!!!


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  1. hey hey hey! i'm purely cretaceous. but i still need to give this one a listen.