Friday, June 7, 2013

Check Out The New Greber Song/Video

If you already know Greber; props, you're an alright fella. This Canadian sludge/hardcore/grind duo, which features members of Fuck the Facts and The Great Sabatini, put out a noteworthy EP a couple years ago, and a raging split 7" with Proletar in 2012, are back again with new songs. Not only that, these new songs are going to be coming out on a split 7" with Hiroshima Vacation, a band featuring your's truly! Very excited to share a wax slab with these guys, especially considering how killer their songs are! This song, "Thunderstatment", was the first I heard from their recordings, and I just sat back and went, "damn...". It's killer stuff, blows my bands shit outta the water, and the accompanying video is out of control! Dig it. The records should be available in a couple weeks from a few labels, including Suburban White Trash Records, and my own, Maybe It's Art Records. And check out both sides here: (Greber) (Hiroshima Vacation).


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