Sunday, June 9, 2013

Noisear/Antigama/The Kill 3-Way Split Cover Art Revealed!

Remember how this split was occasionally mentioned in interviews throughout the 2012 and this year? But with updates so few and far between, it sometimes gets forgotten? Well, here's another whooping update that waked my ass up and got me to remember about this epic grind combo! Check out this awesome cover art!

Pretty cool stuff right? I dig it heavily, and I'm positive the grind madness underneath it is sure to be as explosive and detailed. The Kill, who have been (no pun intended) killing it this year with a slew of awesome splits and records (including ones with Mortalized and The Communion), Antigama are already hot off the heals of killer new record, "Meteor", and the grind spazzouts that we can expect from Noisear. Definitely put this on my "Most Anticipated Of The Year" list.


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