Friday, June 7, 2013

Damaged Goods - "Terminal" Review

Friends like to support friends. And very fortunately, I have a lot of very talented friends. And look at Terminal", shows the band has only gotten stronger. The recording is once again incredibly solid. All the instruments are loud and perfectly balanced and pummeling. The drums are bone breaking, and the guitars have this super crunchy distortion that's like putting nails through a meat grinder. The recording is a lot more bassy this time around too, it's crushing. The range of influence on "Terminal" also differs from the demo in a few ways. There was a big hardcore punk sound that I picked up on, mostly in the chord progressions and tone of the guitars. There was grind/powerviolences too, but it wasn't totally up front. On here, the band is faster, and way heavier. Less hardcore punk and way more brutal break your face-core. I can pick up on as much Iron Lung or The Endless Blockade as I can bands like Full of Hell, Harms Way or Nails. Which naturally, makes way for some absolutely crushing breakdowns, like in the tracks "Disguise" and "Permanent Solution". It's an absolutely slammer of an EP, and one of the best I've heard this year. This should hopefully be coming out on vinyl soon too, so keep your eyes peeled for that.
that, I am able to share them with all you hundreds of people and tell you how awesome they are. Brilliantly convenient. If you don't know the NJ duo/now trio band Damaged Goods, I gotta say you're kinda sorta missing out on hearing the best young band that I can think of. And when I say young, I mean it. All members are but 17 years old now, but they play tough powerviolence/hardcore like they were born with it in their veins. They dropped a very impressive demo last year, and this first proper EP, "

Rating: 9/10


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