Monday, July 2, 2012

Water Torture - "Shellfire!" EP Review

Well, it's finally here. After post after  post of me hyping it up, the new EP (and vinyl debut), "Shellfire!", from one of my favorite new powerviolence bands, Water Torture, is finally upon us. You should all know how I feel about this band and their previous self-titled EP by now, and I've been excited for this EP for a long time. So, what do I think of it? FUCKING SUCKS!! Nah, man, I kid, of course it doesn't suck, it kicks some serious fucking ass! For any band, coming out with a satisfying sophomore release, especially after a debut as beloved as Water Torture's first, is no small feat. But, I'm happy to say that Water Torture have met that challenge. 11 tracks this time around, keeping the sound they had on their first release, but introducing a few new things to the mix. Starting off with the actual sound of the EP; it's flipping excellent. The overall tone is a little less murky, mostly due to the brighter distortion used on the bass guitar. But the riffs come out clearer and more more intense and cut throat. They've also fixed one of the few issues I had with their first EP, which was the long gaps in between the songs. Smooth transitions via harsh noise and feedback are used, keeping the intensity going and non-stop. And speaking of noise, that track "Drowning", holy shit what an intense piece of ear shredding chaos. The band just sounds better than ever; the songs are excellent and performed perfectly. The riffs, both fast and slow, are perfect. Heavy, intense, dirgy, grimy, powerful, and still catchy as hell. Moezes vocals are still a delight to listen too, perfectly suited for the band. I think I'm just starting to ramble now, but I'm really trying to mention every detail about this new EP. What more do I have to say to get you to buy this EP?? There's a creepy organ intro and outro that are pretty damn interesting. Need I say more? Fans of Water Torture's previous EP will definitely not be disappointed with "Shellfire!", there's no need to worry. Please please please buy it at Diseased Audio Records. One of the best thing's I've heard all year.

Rating: 9/10

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