Monday, July 23, 2012

thedowngoing - "A Thousand Years Of Darkness" EP Review

I now know what grindcore hell sounds like, and it's manifested itself in the form of 2 Australian humanoid automatons known only as, thedowngoing. No capital letters in the name, cause that shit's for the birds. This music is the soundtrack to ear rape, and bath salt induced face eating. In a nutshell, thedowngoing makes babies punch their way out of their mothers bellies and dogs give birth to blue whales. Right from the beginning of the album, you here a concerned, frightened, wet inhaled breath, leading right into the noisy, chaotic 10 minute onslaught. There's no turning back now(except if you pussy out and actually stop listening to the album, but who would do that?). Absolutely absurdly loud and noisey recording, like it was recorded with semi-good microphones and then in the mastering stages decided to crank everything to 11. Sure, there are riffs, good ones at that, but the delivery is just so intense and chaotic, that they might just blow by you. Super discordant and bright guitar tones, and a full blast drummer, with tons of bass thrown onto his percussion. The sickening inhale shows up again at the end of the 5th track, this person obviously can't handle the noise. But do thedowngoing care? Hell fucking no, they go on, harder and more intense than before, decimating everything in their way(see the "untitled" track ). And oh yeah, the vocals. I mean, good for this guy for sacrificing his vocal chords for the sake of making good music, cause there's no way any human can be the same after recording stuff like this. Again, obviously music created by hell spawned automatons. Listen to this shit, it'll but hair on your chest.

Rating: 9/10



  1. good review! (good blog anyway...)

    maybe you'll be interested to read this recent interview with Mathias from thedowngoing :

  2. tdg are scary good right. pretty much every other band with pretensions of being extreme should be fucking embarrassed.

  3. awesome review dude. very stoked for their tour with CLOUD RAT, and possible a few dates with Water Torture.