Friday, July 6, 2012

Human Junk/God's America aka The Seeds Of Rape - Split Review

Two words: Fucking.Awesome. I could stop the review right here, because in a nutshell, that's a proper way to describe this split. That would just be shitty reviewing though, so allow me to continue. Grindcore Karaoke was kind enough to host a digital version of this split 7", a split that brings together two powerviolence bands separated by the Atlantic Ocean. Human Junk are first, and holy shit. This band must worship at the altar of Hellnation, because they got their sound down to a science. Everything from the vocals, to the song structure, and even the guitar tone oozes unapologetic Hellnation influence. Not that there's anything wrong with that though, I flipping love Hellnation as much as these guys probably do. I do think it would be wise for them to eventually try and find their own sound, but they play this style of fast hardcore with enough heart and passion to keep me satisfied.  I'll be checking in with this band in the future, for sure. God's America aka The Seeds of Rape are back at it, this time with an extended name, and the same visceral and lo-fi delivery as their debut cassette. Gruff, fuzzy, bassy powerviolence. Absolutely nothing flashy, no bullshit, just raw, to the point aggression. I have a soft spot for bands that sound like this. It really reminds me of the bands bands I used to listen too when I was first getting into the underground, like Godeater, Pizza Hi-Five and Sloven. Download the split here, and be sure to buy the 7" once it comes out!

Rating: 7.5/10

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