Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stream Two New Vaccine Songs...They're Still Pissed.

One of my recent favorite fast hardcore bands, Vaccine, is getting ready to drop 2 new records on the fun-loving public. One is a new 10 song 7" entitled, "Dead Inside" on Painkiller records and Cut The Cord Records, and a split 7" with fellow straight edge blasters, Coke Bust. I think the Coke Bust split may be out now, but I haven't sen it in any distros, so I'm not to sure. Anyways, the new songs are rippers, and they keep the raw, distorted, short and angry delivery that I know and love from these guys. Stream them below, and buy the records when they come out. And for our European readers, be sure to catch them on their European tour (see dates here).


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