Saturday, September 27, 2014

Listen To HYGIENE Right Now!

It's that time of the month again. Time to gush over another new Australian band that came out of no where and give powerviolence another swift kick in the butt cheeks. HYGIENE from Canberra, who have actually been around at least since late 2012, are a power trio who deliver some seriously hardcore Vaccine worshipping jams. The Human Hatred attitude runs strong through this bands bright blue veins, it's honestly some of the most well done and faithful rip off  homage to that style that I've heard.

HYGIENE's first EP, "Histone H4" was a semi-rough sounding debut that was already very inspired by the sound of bands like Vaccine, and I could definitely hear a little bit of later Backslider influence in their too. A solid release for sure, but a little lacking on the urgent, blasting performance (in layman's terms, some songs were too long). Their recently released 7" EP, "VOID", takes care of that problem and lays down a fantastically solid 7 and a half minutes of rapid hatred. Improving tenfold on nearly every level on here; the fist flinging blasts are more shoulder popping, the breakdowns are power stompingly groovy, and more vicious and catchy. This band will be one of Australia's elite bands if they keep this up. I do know a deadly split with another brilliant Melbourne powerviolence band is in the works, but it might still be on the hush hush. Stream "VOID" below, and hear the rest of the bands recordings HERE. Pick up a record while you're at it too, they are sure to not last long.


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