Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ampallang Infection/Universal Remonster - "Universal Infection" Split Tape

From the epic bowels of Maryland spewith forth a split cassette from two of the states rising bands. Universal Remonster, a band I remember seeing a rather colorful album cover from on Grindcore Karaoke however long ago, do a fantastic job kicking this split off and proceed to kill it throughout the rest of their featured time. This is loud, crunchy, instantly enjoyable grindcore. Stuff that's totally not grim or up it's own ass, but sounds like it could beat yours into a pasty mush. UR tastefully show a lot of the inspirations most modern grind bands use. Some Magrudergrind, a little to a lot of Phobia, for example. But with a touch bit of death metal thrown in the mix, mostly due to the vocals. Actually they sound a lot like fellow Marylandians, Triac. The thick, mid-heavy bassy tone is very akin to that bands most recent stuff. I like this band a good deal now! Ampallang Infection are up next, bringing their own style and interpretation of grind. In a much shorter and tighter package. Heavy drum machine abuse grindcore, and not the Drum Kit from Hell kind either. The kind where the drums are unashamedly industrial and processed sounding (just think of early ANb). I've always been a big fan of taking advantage of how ridiculous and warped you can get using a drum machine (again, ANB), and AI do get to ludicrous speeds sometimes, but they dwell in a pretty interesting realm. Very Cryptic Yeast/Total Fucking Destruction-y, with a lot more melodic riffs, death metal vocals, and a general do-whatever-we-want style that I'm digging. The only real issue I have being that some of the songs seems pretty under developed. In that there's not many good conclusions to these songs, they just kind of end. Thankfully this is resolved with the last two tracks, which along with feeling more complete have some of the best and most interesting sounds on their whole side. Good stuff! Cassette copies are for sale over at Grimoire Records.


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