Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fuck The Facts: New EP, New Songs, New Label!

Some of my favorite Canadians are at it again and are going to blow the beginning of Autumn to billions of pieces when their new EP drops on October 1st. I don't think I have to re-familiarize many of you with my affection for this band. One of the best and tightest bands I've had the pleasure of seeing live, and they haven't put out a single dud record in the past decade. The two currently released tracks from their upcoming EP, "Abandoned", do absolutely nothing to get in the way of that streak. These three new songs were originally written for the 2011 album "Die Miserable", but for whatever reason were cut from the batch. Now reworked, re-re-recorded and polished to perfection. 

"Disabused", the 2nd track on "Abandoned", is Fuck The Facts at some of their craziest and tech-heavy. In true "Die Miserable" fashion. Dissonant chord rhythms and eerie/Gorguts-y tapping riffs swarm and carry this whole track, and it's seriously fucking heavy. FtF really haven't sounded this "metal" so consistently in a while, and it carries over into the third and final track, "L'impasse". A song that seems to tell me that they've been listening to a ton of bands like Wormed lately. The way it descends and breaks down, and the incredible harmonics and guitar frapps and buzzes scream insane technical deathy metal. Of course while they seamlessly interject their trademark melodic side. I know I say this with every new Fuck the Facts release, but they really just keep getting better and better. 

And on the last and equally exciting note, the band has officially and completely made themselves a total autonomous and DIY unit by starting their own label, Noise Salvation Records. Of which "Abandoned" will be the first release in a limited run of 100 tapes and digital download. These guys have always had a real thing for doing as much of the business side of this band themselves, and I think that this is a very bold and righteous move for them. Especially considering they had the major label backings of Relapse less then 5 years ago. Just goes to show I guess. If you can do it yourself, do it yourself. "Abandoned" is up for pre-order now (click HERE), and you can stream both of the new tracks below. 

Stream "Disabused": HERE


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