Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Operation Grindcore Vol. II Is Finally Here!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, after over a year in the making, I am very proud to finally give to you: Operation Grindcore Vol. II!!!!!!
I want to thank every band that submitted, got in touch, and helped out with this comp. I thank you all for your patience, some bands have waited over a year for this. I've gotten to know a lot of awesome people by making this, and it would mean the world to me, and to the bands on here, if you listened, downloaded, and/or shared this compilation with the world. There are tons of awesome bands from all over the world on here that no one has heard. Here is the full line-up:

  • Autopsy On The Horizon
  • Faction Disaster
  • Ampallang Infection
  • P.O.O.R
  • Jungle Juice
  • Ultra//Negative
  • Beatriz Carnicero
  • Mother Brain
  • Fuck The Facts
  • Cocaine Breath
  • Your Enemy
  • Chulo
  • Grinding
  • Jeffery Dahmer
  • Mombok
  • Detroit
  • Finality
  • PNG
  • The Drip
  • Universal Remonster
  • Knifewound
  • Kindergarden Hazing Ritual
  • G.E.C.K.
  • Water Torture
  • Proletar
  • Sordo
  • Sifting Through Droppings For Nutrients
  • Dendam Kesumat
  • Shoveit!
  • Gozer
  • Priapus
  • Don Garnelli
  • Human Cull
  • DeathTrap
  • Planetary Disfigurement
  • Crutch
  • The Communion
  • Man Will Destroy Himself
  • Wake The Machines
  • Corrupt Bastards
  • To The Point
  • Horsebastard
  • Sepsis
  • False Light
  • Karma Flux
  • Contutions
  • Six Brew Bantha
I tell ya, it feels really really really good too finally get this thing online. It was definitely a lot of hard work, but I loved every minute of it. I really can't stress it enough how grateful I am with the patience that everyone kept while I was getting this all prepared. I hope that you get a lot of enjoyment out of this, and hopefully become a fan of a few new bands too. I wanted to make sure that there were enough awesome bands, from all over the world, who play all styles of grind/powerviolence on here. I think we got a good collection of blasting jams, everyone should find something to enjoy. Thank you all, thank you Oscar, from the awesome band Chulo (who have the 2nd track on this comp.) for the outstanding artwork, and especially thank you to Andrew "OG" Lipscomb for getting me involved in the first place, and creating Vol. I and kickstarting Vol. II. I owe him a lot. CHEERS!!!!!


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  1. Thank you for another great comp, I really enjoyed it :D