Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Music Round-Up: Standing On A Floor Of Bodies, Backslider, Damaged Goods

The spring season is quickly closing in, which means new music is starting to come at us faster than a Bryan Fajardo blast beat. The middle part of this year is sure to be an absolute clusterfuck of new releases, some of which I'm very highly anticipating. Such as this new split from the best grindcore husband and wife duo ever, Standing On A Floor of Bodies. These guys released as absolutely killer record last year, and they've told me that they were working on this other split with their friends, Man Among Wolves. Well out of no where, I find out that a new track was posted and that it's coming out on a 10" record! Way to keep me informed guys, gawsh. Nah, but seriously, this new song, entitled "Nothing Wounded Goes Uphill", is a crusher. This is definitely their best and most fleshed out recording yet, and the song is probably one of the best they've written so far. From the length of the track, and the number of songs on their side, it definitely looks like they toy'd around with their trademark brevity, and maybe added a few new ideas to the mix. Can't wait to hear the whole thing and see.

Another 10" release, another duo; the best Philly fastcore band, Backslider, is right on the cusp of releasing their new record, "Consequences", which will be put out by the veteran west coast label, Six Weeks Records. Two new, but unmastered tracks from the record have been put up by the band. The first, "Born Annoyed", is probably one of the most reserved and straight forward songs that the band has done (as in most of the riffs go on for more than one measure). I was actually pretty surprised at how un-technical the song was. Not that it's a bad thing, just unexpected. The nest song, "The Lords Work" has more of the traditional Backslider insanity, and has a couple of the southern sludge-influenced riffs that they bring out every now and again. Both the tracks are bangers, and I'm very excited to hear the rest of the album.

Finally, we have a new track from my homies, Damaged Goods. Another duo too, what a nice little coincidence. These young lads, who released an excellent demo last year, are gearing up to release their new EP, "Terminal", on cassette and (fingers crossed) a 7" record. This new track, "Resolutions", which opens the EP, is a fucking slammer. The slow intro, the drum fills that lead into the blast riff, the breakdown at the end, it all kills. These kids play powerviolence/hardcore like they've had 10+ years of experience under their belts, it's sickeningly impressive. I've heard the full EP, and expect a very positive review when the time comes.


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  1. Is the split between SOAFOB and Man among woves out yet?I havent seen any brand new information so i turn to you for enlightment