Tuesday, March 5, 2013

FINALLY!!! New Agents Of Abhorrence Recordings Are Here!!!

It's no secret that I have a constant hard on for the Australian grind trio of the Gods, Agents Of Abhorrence. Honestly, they're in my top 10 grindcore bands for me, period. They play a style of grindcore that is just so absolutely up my ally, and such a perfect mix of visceral and creative, that it's impossible not to fall absolutely head over heels in love with everything they do. And if you're like me, you've been waiting for their new album patiently (very patiently), and squealed with orgasmic delight when the band posted TWO brand new tracks on their soundcloud page to stream. You guys, it's finally coming out!!!!!!!!!!! Little by little, more details are starting to be revealed about the new album, which is entitled "Relief", and will be pressed by 625 Thrashcore and Psychocontrol Records. And let me tell you, the two new songs are absolutely, positively, indiscriminately AWESOME!! The recording is absolutely perfect; very full sound, as always, but the guitars have never sounded so beefy and thick! And of course, Ben and Max together just create the perfect guitar/drum assault. The riffs are oh so killer, particularly the on at the end of "Relax", which has a fantastic built up until it explodes into blast beat heaven! The best surprise though are the vocals, which are supplied by Jacob Winkler (also of the Australian Roskopp), who replaced Grant Jones a few years ago and has since left the band. I thought Grant's vocals were absolutely perfect for the band, and that no other vocalist would be able to compare to how well he fit the bands style. When I saw them live with Jacob last year, it didn't help convince me otherwise too, so I was naturally a bit worried. But with the beefier sound, and now that I can, durr, actually hear his vocals (the sound mix at the show was horrible), he definitely does a fantastic job! It's definitely a lower register than Grant's, but fuck me if it's not totally on point for the band. In closing, I'm a happy happy boy right now, and the new album can't come out soon enough.



  1. YES. When Australians grind well (The Kill, AoA, thedowngoing) they grind really fucking well.

  2. Perfect band. Deathly sound and strong beliefs.

  3. i've read somewhere that their new vocalist is from unholy grave and i thought he sings on this record..