Friday, February 1, 2013

Vaccine Are Breaking Up.

Well, chalk this up as the first major bummer of 2013. Vaccine, the only straight edge hardcore/powerviolence band I gave a crap about, are calling it quits after 4 years of activity. Although the bands recorded output barely reaches 20 minutes (if at all), they really did leave a big impact on me in just how fucking out of control and vicious they sounded. "Human Hatred" is a masterpiece, and I still jam that record several times weekly. The band has given an official statement: 

Vaccine is calling it quits.
4 years, 100+ shows in 13 different countries, 40 something songs, 6 records, 2 comps...time to do something else.

We have three more shows in the works:

Saturday March 9th - Miami, FL w/ INFEST
Sunday March 10th - Orlando, FL (matinee show)
Saturday March 23rd - Easthampton, MA (last gig)

We are in the middle of finishing up our last record, which will be a 5 song split 7" with our mutant step child band NO FAITH. If all goes according to plan, and it never does, this will be out in the spring, May or thereabouts. This record does not have a home, if you would like to help out, feel free to hit us up at vaccinexxx (at) yahoo (dot) com

We also have a song on the TO LIVE A LIE RECORDS VOL II Comp coming out sometime this year, featuring Low Threat Profile, To The Point, Hummingbird of Death and other various rippers.

Our newest 10 song 7" entitled Dead Inside, was released on Tuesday, on PAINKILLER RECORDS
Our split 7" w/ COKE BUST will be out in time for these last shows on DRUGGED CONSCIENCE RECORDS

I think that just about covers everything.
Really sad to see these guys go. Especially since I haven't seen them live yet. Their new split with Coke Bust, and their 7" EP, "Dead Inside", are out now, and I'm eagerly looking forward to that upcoming split with No Faith. Hope they have success with whatever they do in the future, and until then, jam "Human Hatred" and break shit.


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