Saturday, February 16, 2013

R.I.P Sakatat / Footage From Their Final Show

Another epic bummer of the year, guys. Turkish mince-grinders Sakatat have recently decided to call it a day after 8 years of blasting mayhem. It really sucks to see these guys disband, especially since I got into them so recently. Their one and only full length record, "Bir Devrin Sonu", which came out last year, was my first proper introduction to the band, and was one of my favorite releases of 2012. It made me look back and listen to their many previous releases, including splits with such bands as Archagathus, SMG, Agathocles and Mesrine, among others. These guys consistently brought the good, solid, ripping grindcore jams, and I wish them luck with whatever musical projects all the members decide to take on in the future. You can see footage of their entire last set down below.


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