Monday, October 1, 2012

Reader/Vinyl Collector Of The Week: Dan Burton

Our OG reader of the week is Dan Burton, who was awesome enough to share some pictures of his awesome collection and the story of how he got into grindcore and collecting music. Sick Gadget shirt, dude!!!!

I first started buying records around 94/95. The first real grind record I picked up was Napalm Death's 'Suffer The Children'. It came with a sticker sheet which is still untouched and pristine in the sleeve some 17 years later.

I have a few prized pieces in my collection. I guess my absolute favourite is the 'Pepsi' swirl release of Brutal Truth's 'Need to Control'. It's limited to 100 pieces so it's a very rare run. I have a couple of the original Relapse 'Single Series' releases, General Surgery's 'Necrology' and Phobia's 'All That Remains'. I also have the Pig Destroyer/Isis split which was signed by JR Hayes for me. My collection is around 300 strong now and I have too many great pieces.

When I first started collecting records I used to pick them up at second hand music stores, record fairs and market stalls. They're all few and far between these days so I now mainly use EBay and Discogs to dig out the gems.

A couple of records that I really want to add to my collection is the Assuck/Old Lady Drivers split and the Relevant Few album 'Who Are Those Of Leadership?'. I think OLD were really ahead of their time and it was crazy the journey they had from an out and out grind band to the awesome trippy prog of their later years.

I first got into Grindcore after picking up Earache's 'Earplugged' comp. I became obsessed with Brutal Truth and over the years I have managed to pick up all of their official vinyl releases. It's taken many years and probably a bit more money than is sensible, but that's all part of the fun.

One band that I think people could do with investigating is Employer,Employee. I like my Grind to be crunchy and punchy and they have that in spades. I'm really not into the lo-fi biscuit tin stuff. They released a couple of EPs on Robotic Empire and Relapse in the late 90s and Robotic Empire have just reissued their discog. When it comes to new stuff I'm really looking forward to the Hivesmasher release coming up on Blackmarket Activities.

Three Grind records that I would hope to have miraculously washed up  on a desert island with me would have to be Carcass' 'Symphonies of Sickness', Brutal Truth's 'Need to Control' and Discordance Axis' 'Inalienable Dreamless'. That should see me through whilst talking to inanimate objects.


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