Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Noisear Sign To Willowtip Records!

Breaking news, and a huge congratulations to our homies in Noisear for signing to the "forward thinking metal" label Willowtip Records. Willowtip might seem like more of a tech/death metal label, but they've been welcoming to many grind bands in their existence. Most recently and notably, fellow tech-grind(and sadly defunct) bands Defeatist and Maruta. No word yet on what exactly Noisear will be releasing through Willowtip, but I'm guessing it's that EP that they've been talking about. Congratulations again!



  1. Defeatist and Maruta both broke up after signing to Willowtip...

  2. yeah, but it wasn't because of how the label treated them, so I think Noisear will be alright. I just hope Willowtip actually releases their shit on vinyl!!

  3. Willow tip definitely needs so more grind.