Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Antigama Are Releasing A New EP!

I'm so glad Antigama are back, and apparently stronger than ever! Along with the split with Noisear and The Kill, they are also apparently working a new EP entitled "Stop The Chaos". Both are expected to be released sometime this spring. Below is a video of their new drummer Pawel Pawulon recording drum tracks for the EP. Honestly, I'm pretty bummed that founding drummer Krzysztof Bentkowski is out of the band. I always refered to him as the "Neil Peart of grindcore" cause of his great technical ability and all the unusual percussive sounds he added to the band. Pawel is no stranger to the extreme music scene though, playing with many many bands(including the Polish band Vader), and judging from the video he'll do just fine with Antigama!


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