Wednesday, February 15, 2012

5 Grind Albums You Need To Hear

I don't claim to have supreme knowledge of music, or that I know of grind record there is. But I do think that I'm pretty well versed, and I have heard a lot of damn fine records, some of which a few of might not have heard before. All of these records mentioned below are ones that I consider to be of supreme quality, and that I think don't get talked about enough. Who know's, maybe I'll introduce you to something new.

Parlamentarisk Sodomi - "Har Du Sagt "A" Får Du Si "Nal": My favorite one-man grind band, without a doubt. This crusty, grindcore behemoth of an album is just a full on assault to your ears. But not in a "it's so raw and lo-fi it's painful to listen to" type of way. Instead, this album is a masterfully produced and executed piece of work that opts to hit hard with it's riffs in addition to its prefect production sound. Pretty much amazing in every way!

Mindless - "Human Conditioning": This record did get a lot of well deserved praise when it was released in 2010, and it bears repeating. This record is a devastating piece of down-tuned, sludgy powerviolence. Not as much Infest worship, as the name would suggest. Soupy and distorted-bass heavy production with a Dystopian aura around it. Plus it features what I consider to be the best vocals Faiza Kracheni has ever spewed out. 

Gadget - "The Funeral March": I just got this record a few days ago, and I loooove it! While this was released several years ago on Relapse Records, Gadget(and this album) haven't really gotten a whole lot of praise, at least to my knowledge. Hopefully the recent vinyl re-issue and their new album will help them break out some more. I can make comparisons to bands like Rotten Sound and Nasum, but Gadget have enough of their own sound to keep them from being another clone band. 

Suffering Mind - "s/t": Suffering Mind's 2010 full-length is pretty much a perfect grindcore record; it's under 20 minutes, it has great riffs, rabid dog vocals, a tight snare sound, and it ends with a Phobia cover. Bada Boom! I can listen to this album and enjoy every single track, each one is a blaster. The lack of low-end might bother a few people, but I still think that this is a damn fine grindcore album that you all should hear!

Psychic Limb - "Queens": I've sung this albums praises a few time on this blog, and named it my 2nd favorite album of 2011. But just in case some of you didn't get the message; Listen.To.This.Album.Now! Beyond amazing and phenomenally enjoyable, Psychic Limb are able to kick more ass in 9 minutes than most bands are able to in half an hour. It's short, it's oh so sweet, and more people need to hear it!



  1. Parlamentarisk Sodomi kicked major ass!Hail Norway!Gadget are surely underated and everything they have released is great!Will check out MIndless and Psychic Limb.Suffering Mind are great but havent you noticed that the songs sometimes tend to kind of sound the same?Just saying though.

    James from Greece

  2. cool list. dunno how you can pare it down to five though. i could never keep it that short. i'd have to add looking for an answer, discordance axis, nasum, nashgul, sakatat...... hell the list goes on. you see why i couldn't do it.

  3. this is in no way a definitive list. If I was to include everything it would be much, much longer. I just thought of doing this post the night before, haha.