Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some of My Favorite Grind Releases

In Disgust - Reality Choke: In my opinion, probably the best grind EP I've ever heard. west coast grindviolence done absolutely perfectly. 15 tracks in 11 minutes. You absolutely need to hear this. Perfect production, perfect vocals, heavy as shit, just incredible. This band broke up last year after a split release with PLF, which is a damn shame. In Disgust for life! Listen Here!

Pig Destroyer - "Prowler in the Yard": It's no secret I love love LOVE Pig Destroyer, and this album is an absolute classic. Maybe a bit cliche by now to have in a "favorites" list, but believe the hype, this album is a monster. "Prowler in the Yard" is one sick, twisted mofo of an album. The raw, basement quality production (cause it was, durr, recorded in the drummers basement) only adds to the disgusting, dirty feel of this album, telling the story of a disturbed man stalking his ex-lover. Tracks like "Tickets to the Car Crash" still manage to creep me out. Listen Here!

Antigama - Resonance: Antigama are incredible, and definitely a band that doesn't get talked about enough. Totally forward thinking, very intense, and technical without being pure wank. "Resonance" is a fabulous combination of all of those traits. The lounge jazz interlude "Barabapapex" is admittedly a bit weak, but other than that there isn't a dull track on this album. Listen Here!

Standing on a Floor of Bodies - Teaching Pigs to Sing: Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, needs to get wise to SOAFOB right the fuck now. And I'm gonna help you! The solo project of one Mike Stitches(the ex-singer of Thousandswilldie) released one demo in 2010, "Teaching Pigs to Sings", and it packs more kick-assness in it's 4 and a half minutes than most bands full length album. If Agoraphobic Nosebleed had a bastard child with dark ambient music, this is what would come out. My favorite release of last year. Download Here!

Discordance Axis - The Inalienable Dreamless: What else can I say about this album that hasn't already been said? Absolutely mind blowing, incredibly forward thinking, masterpiece. Discordance Axis are one of those bands that looked at grindcore, and threw away the conventions of the genre and did their own thing. I'm floored every time I listen to the track "Jigsaw". Listen Here!

Magrudergrind/Shitstorm - split: Yeah, Magrudergrind's awesome and everything, but the Shitstorm side is where this split really shines. The best 9 minuet block of grind I've ever heard. It's just no holds bars, pure, simple grindcore, it's fantastic! Catchy songs, heavy riffs, with a very obvious hardcore influence to boot. So awesome. Listen Here!

~ VII Caso


  1. Great list! i really enjoy In Disgust too! I feel like they never really got the following they deserved. For some reason I'm obsessed with the Shitstorm side of that magrudergrind split too. It's super well-done, somewhat straightforward, simple-ish riffs (not a bad thing for them by any means) grind infused powerviolence. It has some great underlying melody to the music that you don't find in most grind releases. Keep up the great posts!

  2. Pig Destroyer + Discordance Axis = I love your blog.

  3. i ordered a copy of reality choke when it came out and it was broken in the mail.

  4. i agree with prowler in the yard. still one of my favorite records to this day