Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bandcamp Albums of the Week

Many of you know about the website Bandcamp now, the comp was hosted on it, and many labels and bands are now using it to sell/promote their music digitally. The best part about Bandcamp is that you can stream the music for free before you buy it, not 30 second previews, but full songs and albums. I use to do an Album of the Week post, but now I think it would be better if I just showed you a couple of cool albums/bands to listen to/check out every week.

Priapus-Air Loom
Priapus give us six tracks of unrelenting grindcore, mixed with a healthy blend of death metal. These guys are also from North Carolina, and I highly suggest that you check these guys out, because they are going places! Listen/Download here

Chest Pain-S/T
I have known about this band for a pretty good amount of time, and I am really glad that they are now a part of the great, always expanding, Grindcore Karaoke roster. Chest Pain play powerviolence, that is all the description you need for their sound. Listen/Download here

Deathrats are a hardcore/powerviolence band that blend together a lot of influences, which is definitely a good thing. This ep is really memorable, as is their new 7" Give Up that was recently released on To Live A Lie. Listen/Download here

~Andrew Lipscomb

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  1. priapus are so friggen good. definitely one of the best young bands i've heard since satellite sleep or cellgraft.