Monday, April 18, 2011

Spazz-Crush Kill Destroy

Wow, this album is great. This is the first album that I've heard since Magrudergrind's S/T album that I just can't stop listening to. Much like Magrudergrind(who are obviously influenced by Spazz) this album features some hilarious samples and is an all out assault on the ears. From it's blazing fast tempos to it's more mid-paced groove parts, this album just kills! I love everything about this album, the amazing bass playing, the insane drumming, the frantic guitar playing, and most of all the deranged vocals. The thing that sets Spazz apart from most bands is the variety of vocal styles in their music. From the highs, to the lows, and to the almost cartoonish singing, it all fits goes together perfectly. You should definitely check this album out if you haven't already.

I bought the vinyl reissue that came out last year. There were 500 copies pressed on yellow vinyl and 500 pressed on red vinyl, my copy came on red vinyl.

~Andrew Lipscomb


  1. Crossed Out
    Man is the Bastard/ Bastard Noise
    Lack of Interest
    Iron Lung
    Drop Dead
    Get Destroyed

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! What I have heard from Man is the Bastard/ Bastard Noise, Lack of Interest, Iron Lung, and Drop Dead I have loved but I just haven't gotten around to getting any of their stuff. I haven't heard any of the other bands so I will check them out.

  3. Infest is a MUST.
    Despise You
    Hatred Surge
    Charles Bronson

  4. Yeah, I ordered Hatred Surge-Deconstruction the other day, and I will definitely be reviewing it!

  5. deconstruction is pretty good, but hatred surge's s/t is much, much better.
    also, on top of everything already listed, check out Vaccine. edgeviolence!

  6. Andrew,
    Much appreciation for the review. Glad you liked the LP. Everyone up above is recommending the p.v. basics, so you're in good hands.
    - C. Dodge