Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kylesa-No Ending/110° Heat Index

I ordered this two song e.p.(four songs on the CD version) after hearing Kylesa's excellent albums Static Tensions and Spiral Shadow. When I played this record for the first time I was taken back at how different it sounded than the aforementioned albums. If I would have heard this record and not known that it was Kylesa, I wouldn't have even known who it was. Unlike the Kylesa I was used to this album didn't feature the dual drumming attack, the melodic guitar playing, and many other signature sounds that Kylesa is known for. The singing is also a lot different and more raw. The first song "No Ending" is my favorite song on the album. It begins with some cool trade-off vocals courtesy of Phillip Cope and Laura Pleasants, it then goes into this more laid-back part that sounds like the modern Kylesa, this part doesn't last long and it goes back to the pummeling drums and trade-off vocals almost immediately. Up next is "A 110° Heat Index", which begins with some cool guitar playing, and then goes into into the dual vocals. I'm not really a fan of the vocals on this song, but the music makes up for it. Overall, this is a pretty solid release, and I am looking forward to hearing more of the old Kylesa.

My copy came on solid white vinyl and includes a lyric insert. This is also some of the best packaging of a 7" that I have ever seen, the artwork is a amazing and the Kylesa logo is stamped in gold foil. Also thanks to Luke Kegley who drew the amazing picture of Laura Pleasants, you can see more of his artwork here. Expect to see a lot more original artwork to accompany my reviews.

~Andrew Lipscomb


  1. I've had my eye on this for a while. Looks like a beautiful piece of wax. I'm digging the original art too! Nice touch

  2. Thanks man, yeah I want to start using some original art for most of my reviews. Yeah, you should definitely get it. Have you heard any Kylesa from this era?