Monday, April 18, 2011

Multinational Corporations-Equality(Demo)

From the moment that I first glanced at the track listing of Equality, I knew I was going to be getting some politically charged music. With titles like "Presidential Castration" and "Immolating the Parliament", and the fact that the band is from Pakistan, how could it be anything else? As soon as the music began playing I was instantly reminded of old Napalm Death, and that is a great thing. The first song "Presidential Castration", clocks in at around five minutes, and is the first and longest song on the album. It features some awesome mid-tempo riffing, spoken word samples, a variety of vocal styles, and is also my favorite song on the demo. Next up is "Immolating the Parliament", which is a fast paced, more straight forward old school death/grind song. My only problem with the song is that it seems to end abruptly at an awkward place. Finally there is "Pakistan Zindabad" which is audio from newscasts put over some acoustic guitar playing. I really like this song, but towards 1:15, it sounds like the newscast/guitar both mess up. Another problem I have with this demo is the recording quality. I mean I am all for some lo-fi grind, but this album sounds like it was recorded through a laptop's microphone. Overall, I think that this demo is pretty cool and I think Multinational Corporations' have a lot of potential, and I am really looking forward to hearing more from them.
You can download their demo from here for free.

~Andrew Lipscomb

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