Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hyperemesis/G.O.D. - Split 7" Review

I've made it pretty frickin apparent lately how much I adore BC, Canada's best goregrind unit,
Hyperemesis. For years now, lone grinder Andy Ringdahl has been crafting festering piles of crucial gore/mince jams. Either recording and performing every instrument himself, or with the newer recruit, Detroit's Issac Horne on drums. At long last, Hyperemesis have a vinyl release, the first of many upcoming. This split 7" with Ontario's long running gore band Grotesque Organ Defilement (G.O.D.). For some reason goregrind has a pretty sour reputation in a lot of grindcore circles, and I can't help but think that most people are listening to the wrong stuff. You know, the transparently cartoony and offensive stuff.  Both bands here really work with the of the early greats of the genre; Dead Infection, Regurgitate, Last Days Of Humanity, etc. There is very little to no outright goofiness or sarcasm on either side, just straight punishing grind that will rip your body into pulsating viscera. Hyperemesis half is a few years old, and was performed entirely by Andy. Three originals and two covers and it's dynamite the whole way through. This is a very good recording for Hyperemesis, the guitars and bass are super thick and soupy, but the riffs aren't suffocated lo-fi harshness. The drums are especially well played, Andy slams the shit out of that snare. That beautiful, tinny, clanky snare. The last two songs are covers, "Slaughterhouse Visit" by Blood Suckers, where Andy pulls off some seriously impressive drum tempos. And "Alexandrian Dissection Exhibition" by Meatus.
G.O.D. come at you on the flip side with a raw and relentless 4 minutes of blasting. Sticking with tradition, the recording is still quite lo-fi and gutter basement quality. But performace wise, G.O.D. don't really pigeon hole themselves to just replaying the same gore-riffs and grooves. For the most part, the music on here is pretty Swedish-sounding grind, but with deep gore vocals. There ain't not a single slow moment or chugging mosh riff in here what so ever. Real deal grind, with a very tasteful Dead Infection cover to close this split up. Buy this!!!


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