Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Fuck The Facts and Fistfuck Song's Premiering Off Their Split 10"/CD

There's a whole lot of fucks going on in that title. And there's a ton of fucks you should give for the upcoming split 10" and CD between these two long running Canadian grind machines. Between constant touring, recording and producing other bands, and performing in other bands, Fuck The Facts have holed up long enough to record a metric ton of new material. Enough for an as-of-yet untitled full length album, and this new split with Quebec's Fistfuck. A mandatory release for 2015, already.

If you haven't heard yet, the members of Fuck The Facts have started their own label, Noise Salvation. Which is partnering up with d7i Records from Montreal in releasing the actual vinyl version of this split. The CD is being released by PRC Music. Fuck The Facts seem to be reaching back more into their grindcore roots with this one. 10 tracks plus a Warsore(!!) cover make up their side. For those unfamiliar, that's practically a full-length's amount of tracks for FTF. Judging from this song I'm honored to bring you, entitled "Nukestalgia", my hypothesis is only strengthened. Fuck The Facts are keeping it short, concise, to the point, but still fully realized. They've perfected their style of heavy music so well, that no matter what they do it sounds just like Fuck The Facts and nothing else. I love this band to death, and "Nukestalgia" is a ripper among the 10 others it's partnered with.

Fistfuck is a band who I've seen pop up every now and again, but have just never paid any attention to honestly. Pretty much just because of the name, it just didn't strike me as "yeah, I need to hear this". Low and behold, Fistfuck is actually a solid, heavy, thrashy grind unit. This new track "Scream For Screaming" was a brilliant introduction for me. Crisp, metallic, and loud, only increasing in intensity as it progresses. This track along with 6 others make up their side, surely to be a very proper companion to Fuck The Fact's half.

Pre-orders for the 10" version and CD are available now. 400 on black vinyl and 100 on clear, and the clear is DEVASTATINGLY close to being sold out as of this writing. You can also hear two more tracks from Fuck The Facts and Fistfuck over at Ondes Chocs. Both formats will be officially released on May 12th, and I'm sure many tours will follow.


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