Saturday, July 5, 2014

The New Iron Lung 7" Sounds Amazing

Iron Lung are really in no position to prove anything to anybody, their status as one of the top powerviolence bands going right now is pretty set in stone. A duo that has stayed comfortably with their own signature sound, but are not afraid to step outside of it and elaborate on the formula just a bit. Take their last full-length LP, "White Glove Test", for example. A double-magnum opus of synchronized hardcore and industrial noise (on two separate records if you picked up the special addition), was an ambitious effort, but one that was lost on me unfortunately. To me if felt like a ton of the excellent song-writing and even a bit of the aggression was drowned out on that record, it was just an in one ear-out the other listening experience. 

But from the two songs that I've heard from their new EP, "Savagery", Iron Lung seem to have stripped away any hint of playing around for a straight arrow, full on attack mode record. These tracks sound mean, really mean. A reply to the the rampant stupidity of the world manifested in a focused session of making the most savage songs they could, on purpose. The description on the Iron Lung Records bandcamp says everything I need to hear for me to become fully on board with this release. Twelve songs, 6 minutes, some crazy artwork and packaging (to be revealed), and some ruthless jams. Could this become one of my favorite Iron Lung records? I'm leaning towards yes, but boy am I eager to find out for sure. 

"Savagery" is set to be released in August on Iron Lung Records. Stream the two new songs from it down below.


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  1. This stuff is great! Totally agree with you on their last LP release, it really had no effect on me at all. This 7" however, leaves me wanting more!