Saturday, July 5, 2014

New Water Torture LP - "Pillbox" and Song for Streaming!

The undeniable powerviolence champions of the modern age are coming back again with another tectonic wave of masterful brutality. Now making the big boy steps from their favored 7" format to full length 12"s. Three of them actually! The 12" discography collection which was released earlier this year by Mannequin Rein was only the begging. Two new separate LP's are also set to be released; an as of yet untitled project for To Live A Lie Records (so happy they teamed up). And the soon to be unveiled "Pillbox", brought to us by cult grind label Nerve Altar Records. To say the boys have been busy would be a dastardly understatement. 

As you can see, there is already artwork above. Nerve Altar seems about as giddy and excited to get this record out as we are about listening to it. A steady stream of updates have been coming in, and the big 'ol cherry on top was a new track for streaming called "Fourth Stage". Excellent track, which certainly shouldn't be surprising. The tribal drum patterns opening the song were a refreshing sound for the band, and they're really gone back to that murky, thick, sludgy production akin to their first EP. No Water Torture song would be complete without a sternum crushingly heavy slow part, and they pull out all the cool pauses and breaks on the one here. And are those some Trogotronic blips and bloops I hear at the end? I'd bet money it is. Excellent stuff, I can not wait to hear this entire LP. Stream the track below, and check out more stuff from Nerve Altar and Mannequin Rein as well. 


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