Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wormrot Are Rising Again (with studio footage)

People, it has been a scorching hot minute since we've had anything new to jam from OG's favorite Singaporecore titans Wormrot. A real shame, since they really did have the grind scene by the short hairs for a bit around the time they went dormant. Very vocal that they were not, and had no plans to, break up. So we've been left spinning "Dirge" and "Abuse" very patiently for 3 years (still great records for sure). The band has posted bits and pieces of new stuff from live videos and general updates online, but at long last, actual concrete, professional video evidence of them in the studio has surfaced! Just footage of Fit and Rasyid laying down guitar and drums tracks to be more exact. And holy crap is it heavy as hell. The guitar tone in this video is already beefy, I can only imagine what it will sound like on record. Rasyid seems to adventuring a little in the riff department, throwing in some nice dissonance and other guitar sounds and chords. Fit as always is a madman on the skins, one of the most powerful grind drummers to watch.
I'm assuming Earache is releasing this forthcoming record. No word yet on a release date, or an album title. I expect updates to be pouring out sooner then later. You can see the footage the same place I did, right here.


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