Friday, January 3, 2014

Chainsaw Squid/LxDxT - Split Review

We're barely dickhead deep into 2014, and we've already got a blazing hot fire split from the west coast to start this year off on a good note. Dropped right on the first day of this year actually, pretty nifty. Chainsaw Squid, one of my favorite bands of 2013 and one that I will continue to gush over till the
forseeable future, bring the pain yet again on their side. Five tracks, all fast, all heavy, no prisoners are taken in their grindcore rampage. Every track is a little piece of ignant blastcore perfection. This band makes every riff, and every spine-snapping break count, masters of their song craft, in my opinion. It's that chaotic, spur-or-the-moment sounding grind that I fell in love with from bands like Sidetracked or Dead Radical, or even Lack Of Interest. The usual choice samples are used, classic stuff. Definitely their best sounding recording too, and ends with a nice semi-MITB sounding groover. Love it all. LxDxT are a band that I've had my eye on for a minute, and I believe have unfortunately not had the chance to right about them. Bummer on my end to keep this band for any amount of people, because they rip hard. Three tracks from them, bringing that brutal, sharp, tight deathy grindviolence sound. But mixing it up with a plethera of slam dancing hardcore and fastcore influence. It's super brutal stuff, at times sounding almost exactly like fellow coaster's BrucexCampell, which is by all accounts a good thing. Not to mention, they sound fucking great on this split, super heavy and intense production. And nice one with the last track, guys. I really thought that was gonna be a live track for a while, then BAM, raging snare! Kick ass. Tapes are coming soon I believe.

Rating: 8.5/10


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