Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ross Gnarly's Favorite Album Covers

I was asked to write this for my good friend Andrew and I thought I would start this off with a little introduction. I am a huge fan of art. Salvador Dali is one of my favorites along with H.R. Giger and Francis Bacon. All of these people produce extraordinary artwork that has lived on for many, many years. These artists are world renouned and if it hadn't been for people like this we wouldn't have today's artists like Paul Romano and John Dyer Baizley. I think that artwork can give you a good idea of what an album has in store, music wise. In this, I will be giving a list of my favorite album art and why I like said artwork. Check it out.

Coffinworm-When All Became None
All you have to do is look at this. Just look. It is amazing. A giant eye coming up from a decrepit looking tree. Behind that, the remains of, what seems to be, a post-apocalyptic world. Sitting on top of that is Coffinworm's unbelievable logo. I mean, come on! That is one of the best logos I've ever seen! Amazing album that I listened to based on the artwork alone.

Insect Warfare-World Extermination
Death reigning over a cityscape full of cockroaches. Fucking epic. This album art is extremely well done. Every detail of every building is clear and everything is perfect. The roaches are huge and evil-looking. It's just an amazing album cover. Once again, an album I listened to based on the album art.

This band literally came out of nowhere. I had never even heard the name Kvelertak mentioned before stumbling across a review of the album in Decibel last year. I didn't even read the review, based on the album art (which was clearly John Dyer Baizley), I was sold. I loved it. The octopus owl and beautiful women, the color tones, everything is beautiful. No text to throw off the flow of the artwork. It's fantastic. I love Baizley's work and this may be one of my favorites.

Lake of Blood-As Time And Tide Erodes Stone
I love how simple this is. The accents on this make it seem like this is an actual painting that I have just never seen. I love it. It's dreary, misanthropic and Lake of Blood have an amazing logo. I went with the Coffinworm rule on this one, based on the logo, I listened to this band. This is not only amazing album art, but it is also a killer album. I love black and grey art. It's simple and it wields amazing results.

~Ross Gnarly(American Aftermath)

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