Monday, June 20, 2011

Green Terror-Heathengrind Holocaust

You can hear grindcore, death metal, thrash, crust punk, and all kinds of influences in Green Terror's sound. Green Terror have a well rounded sound, the vocals provide a good balance of high and low, the guitars provide some strong riffs, and the drums fit into the mix perfectly without drowning out the guitar sound, like what happens with most grind albums. "Ritualistic Extermination" starts off Heathengrind Holocaust with a sample and then boom the album takes off. "Dead on the Beach" is another standout that is extremely catchy, there is even a cover of "Dis-Organ-Ized" by legendary gore-grinders Impetigo. Overall, Heathengrind Holocaust is a very solid release and Green Terror have a ton of potential.

I give Heathengrind Holocaust a solid 8.5 out of 10

Listen/download Heathengrind Holocaust via the Operation Grindcore Bandcamp page here

~Andrew Lipscomb

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