Monday, May 9, 2011

Album of The Week:Dethroned Emperor-War Grind Hell

Dethroned Emperor are a sick two-piece death/grind(think Napalm Death not Misery Index) band from Brunswick, New Jersey. "War Grind Hell" is a 11 song e.p., that comes in at around 14 minutes. I hear a lot of influence from early Napalm Death and Terrorizer, and they even cover Terrorizer's "Condemned System". Their sound is very raw, but they still sound great and I really think it suites them best. This e.p. has some really killer guitar riffs that get stuck in your head and the drums are also great. Some of my favorite tracks from "War Grind Hell" are"Still Life", "War Grind Hell", and "Insecure". Overall, I really enjoy "War Grind Hell" and I think that Dethroned Emperor deserve to be heard and I could easily see them being signed to a label like Hell's Headbangers.

~Andrew Lipscomb

You can order "War Grind Hell" from their official blog here.
[Disclosure: Dethroned Emperor sent me a copy to review.]

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