Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Phobia 7" EP To Be Released! Gee, Wonder What It Will Sound Like.

West Coast grindcore legends in the flesh, Phobia, are spearheading what I'm sure will be one of several releases for 2014. One of the longest running and most consistent bands in grindcore, almost reaching 25 years of existence. Phobia always have been a band that I can rely on to supply me with a very solid, easy to get into bunch of songs with every release. It's a tried and true formula of just 100% no bullshit grindcore that they've stuck with through it all. So why not just cut to the chase, drop any bits of pretense they had to begin with, and just flat out call your new EP "Grind Core"? That's "Grind (space) Core". Not even gonna give this title any shit. It's fucking Phobia, I can give them a pass this kind of stuff. Need I remind you that this is a band that's put out records called "Grind Your Fucking Head In" and "Loud Proud And Grind As Fuck". "Grind Core" seems totally fitting at this point. Honestly, I'm excited to hear this. Phobia really have been doing some quality work lately. Their last record, "Remnants Of Filth" was excellent, and I've enjoyed all their recent splits. I'd bet money that this record also features the guitar wizardry of Mr. Dorian Rainwater and either Danny Walker or Bryan Fajardo on the skins (can't go wrong with either). "Grind Core" will be released on Deep Six Records sooner then later I assume. No release date or any songs have been posted yet. There also seems to be talk of a full-length as well, we'll see what comes of that. And in addition, Willowtip Records will be reissuing remastered versions of "Means Of Existence" and the "Destroying The Masses" EP. I think I remember seeing on the Jesus Crøst Facebook page that they're doing a split 7" with Phobia too, damn right!


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