Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sea of Shit - "S/T" EP Review

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: this may be my favorite EP of 2011. Sea of Shit's long awaited 7" EP(previously released on cassette and limited to 100 copies) has finally come out on PRGNT records, and it is a beautifully ugly slab of audio torture. These Chicago boys have definitely stepped their game up since I heard them last on their demo. They've kept the low-fi grit of that recording but made it bigger, louder, fuller, heavier and 100% better. This EP is violent and aggressive the whole way through, leaving very little breathing room and what little slow parts there are, are so caked in distortion you might as well be listening to chainsaws mating. The vocals have also gotten a major improvement since their demo. They sound more urgent and are pushed back in the recording a little bit, it just sounds way more aggressive. Goddamn, this EP is just so damn ugly and violent that these words I'm writing don't do it justice. Listen to it yourself and you'll see what I'm talking about. Listen to/purchase it here and get ready to have your balls rocked. Bravo Sea of Shit, bra-fucking-vo!!

Rating: 9.5/10



  1. http://mediafire.com/?2v2qkwgz3tyqv7i

  2. Some members are in a power electronics/noise group called Abuse Patterns. They released a tape w/pamphlet called "Reproducing the Pathology" a little while ago. Real vile shit. Might be your thing VII unlike the PHT/EB split. Anabolic Dimensions put it out.

  3. Sidet is correct, there was also another pe project called CONSTRICTIONS that had similar members but wasn't really vile, just pissed, like pv with harsh noise blasts instead of instruments.

  4. I'll keep my eye out for those, they sound interesting.