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Lil Percy is a 19-year-old rapper from Richmond, Virginia. Percy is a force to be reckoned with, his cloudy sadistic beats, and his versatile flow make it easy for him to rap over any type of beat. Percy is a "sensational cloud rapper" which isn't your typical cloud rap music, yes the atmospheric beats are still there, but his lyrics are pessimistic and also optimistic. With some songs talking about his drug use and sadness, even some songs talking about politics, to playful lyrics with WWE and anime references, and then talking about a girl he once dealt with. Percy's projects Moon, and Redemption filled with songs you can cry to and also turn up too. Percy is one of the most promising rappers to come out of the RVA music scene.

Q. Chay - What are some of your influences outside of rap music?

A. Percy - Definitely Wrestling, I watch some shit of Wrestling like before I wanted to rap I was at a stage where I wanted to be a pro-wrestler cause it was around me a lot as a child, my family loves that shit so I grew up watching it and you can hear it a lot in my references when I be rapping and shit, and definitely Anime I'm into a lot of Drama and shit like I like a good love story ya know? I watch a lot of anime that involve drama like example I'm on Orange right now it's a really good show I highly suggest you watch it cause it's deep as shit I got a soft spot for shit like that.

Q. Chay - How has Richmond influenced your music? Are you willing to experiment with other Richmond artist?

A. Percy - It doesn't really influence my music but it's like my hometown and since we don't really have a "sound" that's established because this city isn't really as established as it should be in the music scene, but like the people of Richmond, the artists in it are like what influences me because of how I genuinely fuck with people from here and it's like they influence me cause I don't want to let them down, cause I'm sure a lot of people here just have that certain chip on their shoulder cause they know the history of where we're at.

 Q. Chay - How long have you've been recording music? How did you get into it?

A. Percy - I've been making music since middle school, I had no mic at all and I was recording off the school laptop based freestyling out loud to the mic built into the laptop straight off audacity, I have a whole tape out under a different alias from when I was like 14, I had been freestyling and shit long before that though but actually recording was like 2012.

Q. Chay - Based freestyles, you must be a Lil B fan?

 A. Percy - Fan? Hell no I'm Bitch Mob Task Force Member for life. I took a picture with Lil B at a show in RVA, his SECOND only show being in RVA but first headlining and he took a picture with everyone who waited in line after it, and seeing him at the time in 2013 I was like... 15 nigga gave me a positive ass hug and signed my vans, I still have those vans till this day I've been listening to Lil B since 2011 like I'm really based as fuck and I hate that people think they based when they the same niggas who used to clown and call people like me gay for wanting to be positive and liking the Based God, my favorite tapes are Red Flame (not the evil red edition even though I fuck with that one too) White Flame, #1 Bitch, and Blue Flame like this nigga really dropped a tape every month in 2012 I owe Lil B my life.

 Q. Chay - What is the origin behind the names Lil Percy and Percgod?

 A. Percy - Percocet, I was popping them while I was going through some shit and a lot of shit went downhill during that period of time in my life so I don't really want to talk much about shit like that, so I didn't want my name to be associated with a drug even so adding a Y to Perc makes Percy, which has become like my 3rd name now other than my real name I'm cool with being called Percy.

 Q. Chay - How long does it take you to create an EP?

 A. Percy - Not that long but the longest I've worked on one was Redemption and that was over the course of a month because that was me and Poozy actually like working together with fresh shit, and the shortest one was Percgod is Lonely 1 which I recorded all 3 of those songs in about 15 minutes

Q. Chay - How did you come up with sensational cloud rap?

A. Percy - Well I'm a Cloud Rapper, don't want to be known as anything else so because it's not exactly cloud and I don't really sound like anyone out I'm sure it's okay to make my own genre, I have a definition for it too it's on Urban Dictionary.

 Q. Chay - How is it working with Poozy, someone who has worked in hardcore music and now working in Noise Rap?

 A. Percy - THAT NIGGA IS A G O D, no boost, like I'm always give credit where credit is due that's like the homie too so like not even trying to be biased either but when we work together shit always nice, like he knows how I think and he can translate that into how things should sound, like he’s really a talented dude, totally a different breed of musician because of what he does and how much he does, easily one of my favorite people to work with shout out P_R.

Q. Chay - Lastly, when are we getting new music from you?

A. Percy - Never.

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